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Minimally invasive surgical applications for head and neck and thyroid diseases are giving people more options.

In the late 1990’s head and neck surgeons began developing techniques for endoscopically removing the thyroid and parathyroid glands. More recently, surgeons in Italy developed the video-assisted approach to the thyroid and parathyroid glands. This technique allows for a significantly shorter incision length (typically around 2 centimeters vs 6 centimeters for a conventional thyroidectomy). Many patients report reduced post-operative pain and a faster recovery time. Read More

Why does thyroid cancer—the most rapidly growing cancer in the United States—require a high level of expertise to treat?

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The primary treatment for thyroid cancer is the surgical removal of the entire thyroid gland along with associated lymph nodes. Preservation of the nerves of the vocal cords and the parathyroid glands during surgery is critical to a positive outcome. Because of the complexity, it takes a highly experienced surgeon to perform this type of operation. Read More