Why does thyroid cancer—the most rapidly growing cancer in the United States—require a high level of expertise to treat?

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The primary treatment for thyroid cancer is the surgical removal of the entire thyroid gland along with associated lymph nodes. Preservation of the nerves of the vocal cords and the parathyroid glands during surgery is critical to a positive outcome. Because of the complexity, it takes a highly experienced surgeon to perform this type of operation.

The successful management of thyroid cancer requires a team approach to the disease including an experienced thyroid pathologist, a thyroid cytopathologist, a thyroid surgeon, an endocrinologist and a nuclear medicine specialist. Medical oncologists can also play a role in more advanced stages. It is invaluable to the patient to have access to the entire team to discuss options, and answer questions about the condition. Through collaboration, our team members can provide the insight necessary for patients to receive optimal treatment.

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