Sialendoscopy removes painful salivary gland stones without surgery.

Salivary gland obstructions can be caused by either a blockage in the gland or by scarring that is the result of an infection trauma or inflammation. When saliva is prevented from exiting the ductal system a backup of saliva within the gland results in the formation of a stone which can cause pain and swelling in the gland. If left untreated, this condition can result in an infection and/or abscess.

Treatment of a salivary gland obstruction ranges from home treatment (warm compresses, antibiotics, sialogogues) to surgery. Removal of the obstructed salivary gland is an effective treatment, but it is invasive and can leave a scar on the neck or face. Surgery is often necessary for recurrent or chronic blockages.

A new option called Sialendoscopy is now being used to diagnose and treat obstructions. For the procedure, miniature endoscopes are used to examine the affected duct system and remove the blockage. With sialendoscopy, there is no scarring, less trauma, a fast recovery and an improved quality of life.

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