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Daniel Buchbinder, DMD, MDDaniel Buchbinder, DMD, MD, has published over 70 peer-reviewed articles and lectured extensively on cranio-maxillofacial trauma procedures. He serves in several leadership positions within the division of otolaryngology. Read more about Daniel Buchbinder, DMD, MD

Restoring facial appearance with oromandibular reconstruction can return a patient to function.

It’s more than making someone “look normal” again, although that is a primary concern after a person has been through the resection of a tumor in the facial region. Restoration of the mandibular contour and motion is critical to allow for normal chewing. Restoring sensation in the lips and soft tissue and dentition can also be part of the process, depending on the particular needs of the patient. Read More

Sialendoscopy removes painful salivary gland stones without surgery.

Salivary gland obstructions can be caused by either a blockage in the gland or by scarring that is the result of an infection trauma or inflammation. When saliva is prevented from exiting the ductal system a backup of saliva within the gland results in the formation of a stone which can cause pain and swelling in the gland. If left untreated, this condition can result in an infection and/or abscess. Read More