Thyroid Cancer Care Collaborative brings an idea to life that could revolutionize thyroid cancer treatment.

The Thyroid Cancer Care Collaborative (TCCC) is a newly developed relational database that could enhance and revolutionize how thyroid cancer is treated.

The process of collecting the information is simple. After each office visit and therapeutic intervention, the clinician providing the care enters a patient’s results. That information is then made immediately available to the other clinicians involved in that patient’s care. Since all of the clinicians have the necessary information in real time, treatment decisions can be streamlined, resulting in the highest quality of care. Additional benefits to the patient include access to and portability of even the most in-depth details of their care—a patient can have access to the data on the internet if they choose to seek a second opinion.

One of most innovative and collaborative features of TCCC is a virtual tumor board. The virtual tumor board may be assembled and a session conducted at the request of any clinician or patient who feels that their clinical course has deviated from what is expected and would like the input of experts in the field.

TCCC  was developed by the Thyroid, Head and Neck Cancer Foundation (THANC), an organization committed to supporting research and education in the early detection and treatment of thyroid and head and neck cancers.

About the Author

Mark Urken, MD

Mark L. Urken, MD, is one of the foremost authorities on head and neck and thyroid cancer in the world. He has authored numerous textbooks and hundreds of peer-reviewed articles, pioneered innovative surgical techniques and spearheaded research.